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Making the Most of Kitchen Space

Are your cupboards getting a little overcrowded? We've got tips for creating space, no matter how big or small your kitchen may be.

Kitchens come in many shapes and sizes, from the sublimely spacious to uncomfortably small! If you're living in an apartment, flat, or townhouse, you may not be blessed with a kitchen that has ample cupboard space or a walk in pantry- let alone enough counter space for chopping all your vegetables! Whatever your situation, don't let the size of your kitchen get in the way of its functionality, or the efficiency with which you are able to work in it. Here are my top tips for making the most of your kitchen:

1. Organise your cupboards. Put all the items that you use the most closest to the front, so that they are easy to reach. Items that you've doubled up on (ie. bags of grains, cans of legumes, bottled tomatoes) can be stored further towards the back. Don't buy or hang on to things that you don't use, especially if they are taking up valuable space. Unused appliances or extra pots and pans can be donated to charities or given to friends. If there are electronic goods that you use every day, such as a rice cooker or blender, it's best to keep it out on your bench. Save your valuable cupboard space for smaller items.

2. Use your wall space. Wall racks and shlelves are great for kitchens, and are especially useful in small ones. They can house bulky kitchenware or pantry staples, and also be used as large utensil hangers. Making use of wall space will help free up a lot of cupboard and counter space. Wooden and stainless steel racks are available in all shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your kitchen and your budget.

3. Display your spices. If you don't already have a huge collection of herbs and spices, you're likely to acquire one as you begin to prepare more wholesome plant-based meals at home. Spices look great when they're out on display, and wall mounted spice racks will help free up even more cupboard and counter space. Visible spice racks will also encourage you to keep things organised, and save you from having to rummage around in the deepest darkest depths of your cupboards when you're half way through a recipe!

4. Expand your kitchen with a kitchen cart or bakers rack. This will it provide extra workspace for chopping and prepping, and can also be used to store larger appliances such as rice cookers and food processors. In fact, some are so well equipped it can feel as though you've doubled your kitchen's capacity, without spending more than $100. You can find these at homeware or department stores, and even some second-hand goods stores (which is great if you want to nab a bargain!)



Article photo courtesy of Ella's Kitchen Company Ltd. via Flickr